Eric Benz

Managing Director

Countless music videos, image films and commercials for international artists and brands, more than 20 feature films and the world's first documentary based on a smartphone app. Regardless of whether it is a concept, production or startup: the Benz always drives home safely.

Olaf Hirschberg

Innovation Lab

Olaf is responsible for the development of new formats and production technologies in our "headtrip innovation lab". And although he calls himself a professor of time-based media at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences, he is not a gray theorist - more of a kind of crazy professor with expensive toys.

Marius Wurth

Project Manager

Marius Wurth has been coordinating all customer projects since 2017. With patience, he mediates between creation, production and customers. As a media studies graduate, he doesn't just know how everything works in practice.

Constantin Hardung

3D Developer

“Didn't Consti predict this last year?” A sentence that regularly haunts the headtrip. Always up to date, he often knows before anyone else which technical trends will prevail. He's basically our Wozniak. Whereby the comparison lags: Constantin prefers to work on the PC rather than on the Mac.

Jan Melzer


Filming, cutting (except his hair), animating or live streaming: What Jan tackles becomes a 360 ° experience. And when we say, “we'll fix it in post”, we actually mean: “Jan will save it”. Since Jan Melzer animated the perfect snowmelt in the Alps for a 360 ° film production, he has been called “the schmelzer”.

Beni von Alemann

Art Director

One might think that von Alemann is an outdated nobility. Not even close. Beni has unrestricted authority to give our projects the accolade with the most modern 3D modeling and animations. Anyone who knows him knows he is a nobleman. Anyone who works with him knows that he can refine.

Lamin Sillah

3D Developer